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Musicians of Transylvania

Forever 20 years I have been collecting and researching folk music in Transylvania, taking photographs of the musicians (many now long dead, a few still living) in their cultural context. These photographs formed the core of my recent exhibition “Musicians of Transylvania”. Of these photographs, I selected some to be presented with a few stories, tales that I’ve preserved in the depths of my soul. These are the musicians amongst whom I have the privilege of enjoying their music of hearing to the story of their lives; and of joining them to participate in their lives in a property functioning village community, and how they wore - step by step - pushed into marginality, their traditionally important role taken over by a cheap, mash-produced bubble-gum culture.

There are regions in Transylvania where this wonderful music - handed down for many generations - has faded from memory, and with it the memory of many legendary, great musicians.
Still every now and then I find places in Transylvania where the younger generation has kept this significant part of our culture alive, preserving and nurturing a cultural resource that will continue to be essential and treasured for all Hungarian communities.

May their music and their memory live on.

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Gáspár Béla, nagysajói prímás 1990

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