+ Musicians
- Csángóland
+ Transylvanian Musicians
- Kalotaszeg / Méra
- Szék
- Magyarpalatka
- Magyarszovát
- Magyarlóna
+ Migrant gypsies
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He prepares from the ready materials expositions that starts their own carrier.

He had expositions among others in cities villages of Hungary e.g. French Institute, Budapest. Media Wave Festival, Győr, 39th Hungarian Film Conference, Szombathely, Contemporary Hungarian Photography Institute, Pécs ....
Outside Hungary: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, India, Kazakhstan, China ...

His photos can be found in many private collections and galleries around the world.

Present works:
• Photo documentation of a North Hungarian ‘palóc’ village
• Wanderings of a modern, nomad family from Ireland through Europe
• Old, Transylvanian musicians and young musicians from Hungary
• Carters and motorcyclists

Here I would like to show some examples of my present projects
• Wandering Gypsies
• Rabaris
• Fashion
• Transylvania
• Portraits
• Motors and motorcyclists
• Photos at canvas
• Horses and carters
• Terény
• Ethnographic photos

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